What Apple Could Add To Future iPhones

What are the possibilities for the iPhone 7?


Every hour of every day Apple sells over 34,000 iPhones but unlike many of their competitors, Apple’s earnings are accretive. As soon as a new consumer purchases a device they instantly become hooked into Apple’s enormous proprietary multi-sided ecosystem and when their new carrier contract expire they simply upgrade to the latest iPhone and Apple’s cycle of earnings continues.

Today there are several multi-trillion dollar trends on the horizon and no doubt many which you have already read about, or even bought, but there’s still a lot to come.Underpinning these trends are over 200 emerging technologies and it’s these that could provide Apple, or their competitors, with the ammunition they need to disrupt existing market places and create new ones. While this paper only scratches the self healing surface of what they could do, there are considerable developments on the horizon.

This paper explores the emerging technologies that Apple could add to the iPhone 7 and beyond to help them disrupt existing industries, create new ones and regain their disruptive crown...


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