The Keys To Data Governance Success

Start Small, Gain Support, Collaborate, and Quantify – The Keys to Data Governance Success


According to a recent survey, business and IT professionals cite “overcoming organizational culture” as the biggest challenge they face when trying to adopt or implement an enterprise data governance strategy. Without effective cross-functional communication and collaboration, you cannot create a culture that embraces data governance as an underlying principle of successful business. Professionals trying to establish a data governance strategy should take advantage of a framework of best practices that identifies business problems and their impact and facilitates a culture of cooperation. Using such a framework as a guide, you can set a data governance strategy in motion, secure executive sponsorship, and realize early success that can support broader initiatives. In this white paper, learn best practices for designing and implementing a successful, long-term enterprise data governance strategy.

Download the white paper and discover:

  • The first steps successful organizations take in identifying business problems and the impact they have on their business
  • Communication tactics and the fundamentals involved in data governance 
  • How to move from looking at governance as a 'data' issue 
  • Enhanced decision making & improving the performance of the entire organization
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