Sustainability And The Modern CMO

A New Ball to Juggle--or a Key to Juggling Smarter?


This report, published by the Corporate Eco Forum (CEF) and World Environment Center (WEC), highlights how leading CMOs at several global corporations (including Dow Chemical, General Electric, IBM, and Unilever) are leveraging sustainability thinking and tools to navigate into the future and make more effective choices about products and services they will develop, consumers they will serve, and the purpose that propels companies forward

“Sustainability is one zip code where both IBM’s and society’s purposes meet,” explained Jon Iwata, Chief Marketing Officer, IBM. Iwata and other CMO participants say sustainability provides a critical lens through which CMOs can evaluate how well their company performs against external expectations, while at the same time contributing business relevant data and practices for current priorities and objectives.

The bottom line? Every CMO interviewed stressed the importance of viewing sustainability as part of an integrated way of thinking and a critical source of value for strengthening brands, customer relationships and the general reputation of their companies.

The following questions are answered in the report:

  • What new responsibilities have CMOs accepted in order to incorporate a heightened strategic commitment to corporate sustainability?
  • How is sustainability illuminating new opportunities in the traditional marketing value proposition?
  • Why is authenticity critical to sustainability communication strategies?
  • What are some examples of top companies deploying marketing-sustainability integration in the “real world”?
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