How Warby Parker is Creating a Data-Driven Culture

Transitioning Towards a More Sophisticated Data Organization

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Creating a pervasive data culture is something that is often discussed but rarely seen in practice.

The journey from early stage startup to a thriving dynamic brand contains important lessons for brands large and small. Warby Parker's own journey saw them grow out of relying entirely on an ERP application, to a culture in which the company's decisions are powered by a precisely defined and integrated data model.

This Whitepaper discusses some key benefits of Warby Parker's transition:

  • Analysts spend more time understanding what data means rather than creating clean data sets.
  • Decisions are made more quickly as data is easier to refer to.
  • skill bottle necks are removed so that a much larger group of people can explore the data.

Download the paper today and learn how your company can transition towards a more sophisticated data organization.


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