How Can Trade And Professional Bodies Reinvent Themselves For The Digital Age?

Report from the Digital Transformation Workshop: Shaping the Digitally Connected Trade Body


London, April 2016
Produced in partnership with Atmosphere and the CIPP

White paper created with input from delegates representing a range of professional bodies and trade bodies in London.
Atmosphere wishes to thank all the delegates who participated in the strategy explorer session that informed this whitepaper.


  1. Why are we here, what do we exist for, and for whom?
  2. The digital challenge to the status quo
  3. The digital threat to trade bodies
  4. Where do we deliver value and for whom?
  5. Understanding needs and motivations
  6. What is your online proposition?
  7. Views from delegates
  8. Sharing knowledge online
  9. Do we need a new model of learning and development?
  10. Attracting digital talent
  11. The international dimension
  12. What futures lie ahead for us? 
  13. Challenges
  14. Individual concerns of delegates
  15. Opportunities
  16. 2030: Futures we could imagine. Discussions
  17. Now imagine we have no members!
  18. Imagine that everything we do now is free!
  19. So where will we be in 2030? Three groups’ views
  20. Feedback from delegates: what gems did we come away with?
  21. Conclusion: Learnings and resolutions

The thoughts of delegates as they left were that they need to re-ignite their communities, be more interactive with their members and more open to the wider world, create more flexible and responsive organisations and be the curators of knowledge and current experience. More immediately, what this means is that delegates know that they need to find out more about their members and what they want. They need to be sure what their unique value is.

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