Hadoop Data Integration Benchmark

Product Profile and Evaluation


New MCG Global Services Hadoop Data Integration Benchmark Report

See how the technologies stack up in when comparing speed, implementation, and usability

When it comes to getting value from data, there is nothing more important than speed and quality — speed delivers relevance; quality delivers accuracy. When it comes to data management in Hadoop, the architecture foundation makes all the difference for performance. This new independent benchmark report from MCG Global Services compares the performance of data quality and data management workloads on Hadoop clusters using different approaches including MapReduce, Spark and YARN.

Download this informative report today and learn:

  • Which technology achieved performance in Hadoop that was 5.5x faster than Spark and 19x faster than MapReduce
  • Which User Interface Satisfaction was rated “Very Easy”
  • The primary performance advantages of an architecture built on YARN
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