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Attracting & retaining through new social media curation technologies


Traditional news and social media are crisscrossing fast and furiously and the divisions between them will continue to fade. Few consumers today read a printed newspaper; increasingly they consumer their daily fix of news online instead. Social media accounts for an increasing share of news discovery and consumption, and its importance is still growing.

In a recent survey conducted by Crowdynews, over 500 respondents stated that their go-to source for news is: 

- Social media (48%) 

- Television (45%) 

- News publisher website (30%)

In addition, 36% of the respondents said that they value the inclusion of a single social media source and think it benefits the reader-friendliness of the article they are reading.

Social media is transforming how people find and consume what’s happening locally, nationally and around the world. In fact, a consumer tweet or video is often the first clue that something major is happening in the news. In addition, social networks are impacting how journalists and publishers respond to consumers’ demands for instant news and constant updates.

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