2016 State of Crowdsourced Innovation

A Multi-Industry Benchmarking Study


Alongside other big buzz phrases — including “Big Data” and “the Internet of Things”— innovation is on everyone’s tongues this year, from chief executives of long-established Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs launching tomorrow’s next big thing. But it’s not just a buzzword: 80 percent of innovation program managers report results to C-level executives according to data from Innovation Leader's “Innovation Benchmarking Report 2015.”

What does "innovation" mean to today's leading organizations?

Finding specific insights into the approaches, learnings, and programs of successful innovators can be difficult, especially for companies looking to benchmark their progress against industry leaders. Many are unsure of what returns to expect from crowdsourcing innovation. 

Download the '2016 Benchmark Study: State of Crowdsourced Innovation' and discover how some of the world's most successful innovators are approaching innovation. 

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