2015 Industry Report - Subscription Snapshot

Powering Subscription Success


From startups to global enterprises, today's fastest-growing businesses are harnessing the power of the subscription model. This business model delivers multiple benefits: predictable revenue, fostering customer relationships that lead to critical customer insights, and the ability to automate revenue-optimizing strategies.

Subscription businesses are focused on customer retention and loyalty. This report examines a sample set of 25 million transactions and identifies key metrics. Through careful analysis of these metrics, we reveal how they can be used to provide guidance in product, promotions, and operations to support a subscription business' growth and success.

One of the keys to unlocking these benefits is developing customer loyalty, forged from the predictable delivery of great products and consistent services. As a result, subscription businesses prioritize customer retention metrics to understand loyalty trends. On top of this, the reports aids in understanding metrics such as credit card declines and reasons for customer churn which are crucial to unlocking ‘economic loyalty,’ providing guidance in product, operational, and promotional arenas and keeping subscription businesses on the path to healthy growth...download to continue reading

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