Why Successful Finance Leaders Rely on Real-Time Analytics to Support Decisions in a Volatile Business Environment

Join our Webcast for a lively discussion on the future of finance

To identify an organization's top priorities -- and provide guidance on how to achieve them -- finance teams need to be able to provide real-time insight.  This insight is essential in a volatile business environment in which businesses have to respond quickly to unanticipated challenges or opportunities but lack real-time information to support their decisions about how best to do so.

In far too many companies, finance teams are accustomed to developing budgets and forecasts based on information that they maintain within spreadsheets they update manually -- and which is therefore out of date.  But if your company can support decisions based on real-time financial analytics, then your company has a significant advantage over competitors that cannot.

Join our Webcast for a lively discussion on the future of finance, which is defined by the challenge to reach beyond core functions of governance, compliance and process stewardship to proactively drive the insight, foresight and collaborative change that enables companies to stay one step ahead.

During this Webcast, you will learn:

  • How a Simple Finance approach enabling built-in consistency, instant insights and strategic value can help overcome current complexities and accelerate transformation of your business;
  • How organizations employ the latest technologies to automate and streamline their processes for gathering financial information; and
  • How Deloitte -- through a unique combination of technological innovation and best practices -- has established a model for forecasting and planning in anticipation of, rather than in response to, a volatile business climate.

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Joe Fleischer

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