Understanding your Customer and Turning that Insight into Actions

Analytic techniques like clustering and predictive modelling can answer many questions, such as how well you know your customers, what they buy, and what product groups they will purchase. These techniques can be used to group similar customers and make relevant offers and recommendations to them.

Join Senior Data Scientist at TIBCO, Ana Costa e Silva who will show you how to understand customer behaviour from your historical data to create models so that you can use it to predict future customer behaviour. This webinar will look at real world examples and show you how you can turn your customer insight into action and your customers into fans.

In this 45 minute webinar, Ana will present two use cases:

● Delivering the right offers at the right time

● Understanding churn

About the Speaker

Ana Costa e Silva

Senior Data Scientist


Ana  Costa e Silva's LinkedIn page

Ana is passionate about searching and finding gems in data. With 18 years of experience, Ana is a Senior Data Scientist within TIBCO's Data Science Team. The group diligently surfaces sector specific use cases that can deliver to TIBCO's clients the full value of their data, from Big to Fast. Representing the Group in EMEA and Latin America, Ana has helped a number of blue-chip organisations from baby steps to analytic maturity: from visualisation, to predictive modelling/optimisation, and finally to real-time deployment.
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