Embedding AI and Data Science Into Your Business Users' Daily Jobs

Join Ana Costa e Silva for a demonstration of how AI & Machine Learning models are elegantly placed at the core of the business and deployed in real-time to support any number of use cases, enabling:

- The right offer to be sent to the right customer at the right time

- The maintenance team to be alerted before a machine fails

- Attempted fraud to be stopped before harm is done.

Learn through real-life examples how both data scientists and business users can increase business impact with this approach.

About the Speaker

Ana Costa e Silva

Senior Data Scientist


Ana  Costa e Silva's LinkedIn page

Ana is passionate about searching and finding gems in data. With 18 years of experience, Ana is a Senior Data Scientist within TIBCO's Data Science Team. The group diligently surfaces sector specific use cases that can deliver to TIBCO's clients the full value of their data, from Big to Fast. Representing the Group in EMEA and Latin America, Ana has helped a number of blue-chip organisations from baby steps to analytic maturity: from visualisation, to predictive modelling/optimisation, and finally to real-time deployment.

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