Three Key Strategies for Reducing Health Care Costs

During this Webcast, we will reveal three key strategies for reducing medical and prescription expenses by an average of 15%

Many senior finance executives have grown cynical about controlling health care costs, believing that their only option is to reduce employee benefits and raise premiums. Unfortunately, this strategy does little to address the underlying causes that drive up health care costs.

But what if you could identify errors that appear in an estimated 30%-40% of medical bills1 and avoid paying claims that result from these errors? Or pay significantly less for prescriptions without impacting coverage? Or help employees compare costs of medical procedures, which can vary as much as ten-fold depending on the service provider?

During this Webcast, health care industry expert Dr. Rick Perryman will reveal three key strategies for reducing medical and prescription expenses by an average of 15%. You will learn about new tools and best practices that enable your company to:

Analyze claims data to ensure you only pay for legitimate medical expenses
Gain visibility into, as well as leverage in negotiations of, prescription pricing
Guide employees with recognizing and addressing risk factors that often lead to the need for costly treatments
Drive a majority of your employees to participate in wellness programs that lower health care expenses while helping employees become healthier and more productive
Foster partnerships between your finance team and your human resources team to establish new ways to procure and manage health care benefits.

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