The CFO Playbook on Human Capital: The CFO as HR Leader

This Webcast will explore: the human-capital challenges organizations are facing today

As the economy improves, the pace of the competition only quickens. To keep up, organizations need to make smart staffing and HR technology investments so that they can employ human capital as strategically as possible.

With the opportunities technology offers for better recruitment, hiring, and training processes, CFOs need to ensure that their organizations are making the most of these tools. Today’s human-capital technology tools offer unparalleled access to insights and expertise on hiring, performance, training, and education. But how can you determine which tools are right for you and your bottom line?

Another question that finance leaders ought to consider is how their teams can partner with their HR colleagues more closely. With visibility into cost structures throughout their organizations, finance leaders can work with HR to help their organizations maximize profitability, growth, and shareholder value. And HR leaders can offer finance executives insight into how to recruit, retain, and educate their finance teams as well as an organization’s entire workforce.

This Webcast will explore: the human-capital challenges organizations are facing today, and how finance leaders can help overcome them; new HR technology developments and what they could mean for your organization; the shared goals of the finance and HR functions; and how your finance team can better understand and work with HR to achieve success for your organization.

About the Speaker

Christiana Parisien

Webcast Producer Intern at CFO


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