Technology Modernization: Adapting to Change through Systems Advancement

During this Webcast, we discuss what technology modernization means and upgrading your company’s systems

Today’s enterprises do not have the luxury of relying on outdated processes and systems. The more the pace of business accelerates, the more a company’s financial health depends on its ability to quickly and accurately forecast and plan for growth.

Globalization, consumerization, and social technologies have all fundamentally changed the way businesses operate. Smart finance chiefs recognize this shift and are helping their organizations identify and procure technology that allows for better human capital management, time to market, and cost control.

Cloud technologies, in particular, offer myriad benefits. State-of-the-art cloud-based systems bring together the access, control, speed, accuracy, and ability to collaborate that support overarching business growth goals.

During this Webcast, Infor and CFO Research will discuss what technology modernization means and how upgrading your company’s systems will:

  • Provide more accurate data that allows for improved decision making;
  • Reduce manual effort, which decreases errors and risks;
  • Automate low-level tasks so staff can focus on enterprise-level priorities; and
  • Effectively support business growth, no matter where in the world your business may grow.

About the Speaker

Hannah Smith

Assistant Marketing Manager at CFO


Hannah Smith's LinkedIn page offers daily stories geared specifically for finance executives. Coverage includes original reporting on new accounting standards, recent capital-raisings, risk management, and professional career development. The site also features proprietary benchmarking tools and calculators, plus a full set of related directories, special reports, and buyer’s guides. In addition, provides complete online editions of CFO magazine.

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