Planning for Growth in 2015

Where do you want your company to be at this time next year?

Where do you want your company to be at this time next year? What do you need to do now, to increase your chances of getting there? A rigorous yet flexible business planning process can go a long way to helping you position your company for growth in 2015. 

During this Webcast, CFO Research will present important insights and examples of successful business planning practices and processes, drawn from interviews it conducted with finance officers at mid-sized companies in a range of industries. In addition, GE Capital will provide its own perspective on how to approach the annual business planning process during these times of accelerated change and uncertainty, and with a view towards key issues facing businesses in 2015. You'll also learn about the role that different funding strategies can play in helping a mid-sized company execute its plan. 

The topics we will cover will include the following:

  • What are some ways to "plan for planning"? Who should be involved, and at what points in the planning cycle? How often should a plan be revisited and refreshed?

  • What types of information feed into an effective planning process, and what are best practices for collecting and incorporating the right information?

  • How can you go about matching funding and resources with strategy? What are some approaches to identifying and managing risks to your plan?

  • How can business planning processes be adapted to manage increasing complexity in the business environment for 2015 -- complexity within your organization, in your markets, and in the information you need to plan effectively?

About the Speaker

Joe Fleischer

Webcast Producer with CFO Publishing


Joe Fleischer's LinkedIn page offers daily stories geared specifically for finance executives. Coverage includes original reporting on new accounting standards, recent capital-raisings, risk management, and professional career development. The site also features proprietary benchmarking tools and calculators, plus a full set of related directories, special reports, and buyer’s guides. In addition, provides complete online editions of CFO magazine.

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