Pivoting From Reactive To Predictive: How Pharmacovigilance Organizations Can Use Safety Data To Improve Patient Outcomes

One of the most powerful assets in improving patient safety is the expanding quantity of product related data across the development life cycle. However, Pharmacovigilance organizations may have trouble tapping into this wealth of knowledge because of the fragmented, isolated data, and siloed technologies. What is needed is a solution that integrates technologies, processes, and talent—plus traditional and “real world” data sources—to detect, assess, understand, and help prevent safety-related issues while uncovering benefits that can improve patient outcomes. Organizations that are consolidating their fragmented systems and data on a scalable, evidence- based analytic platform that enables them to be compliant, consistent, and efficient while gaining advantage from previously hidden insights. 

Join Deloitte leaders as they discuss the evolving safety space and the imperative for a data driven safety strategy.

About the Speaker

Aditya Kudumala

Business and Technology Advisor


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Aditya is a Principal in Deloitte’s Life Sciences technology practice with over 14 years of experience in leading and delivering strategy, information management/business analytics, technology-enabled transformation initiatives within R&D, Safety, Medical, Commercial, and IT domains to improve patient outcomes. Selected experience includes: • Led several initiatives within R&D, medical affairs, regulatory and safety groups for major biopharmaceutical and biotech companies • Lead Deloitte’s Life Sciences R&D Analytics practice • Drive Life sciences products & Solutions business (product owner for cloud based platform and application – ConvergeHEALTH Safety and other applications) He holds a Master of Science degree in Information Management from Syracuse University and Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University (India).
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