Overcoming Complex Business Requirements for Forecasting

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For most organizations, forecasting is a time-consuming, complex, and inaccurate activity. Manual processes and disparate systems make it difficult for companies to get a handle on cross-functional operations, resulting in poor forecasts that don't reliably predict loss or growth.

Today's technologies for, and approaches to, forecasting offer the ability to centralize and drill into important data, then quickly generate reports for lines of business, helping them understand where they need to go and what they need to do to contribute to growth.

All companies need to know: When will we make money? Forecasting this answer requires clean, consistent information that allows business stakeholders to stay focused on building the bottom line. Yet, many business leaders struggle with streamlining the forecast variables and requirements, leaving themselves tied to manual processes that waste time and are prone to human error.

Join this Webcast to hear a case study that reveals how one company rethought its forecast requirements to create a better process -- saving time, reducing errors and improving the overall impact of the information that guides forecasts. This case study includes highlights on how the right software tool and a knowledgeable software consultant contributed to a better forecasting process. From this Webcast, you will find out how you can apply the lessons this company learned within your organization.

About the Panelists

About the Panelists

Monica Ross, Director of Strategic Projects, Parsons Monica Ross

Founded in 1927, Parsons has become one of North America's premier electrical and technology contractors by "reinventing possible." Parsons provides quality design, construction, service and maintenance -- offering customers the latest technology, expertise, and proven dedication.

Monica Ross joined Parsons in 2006 and is part of the company's senior management team. In her role as director of strategic projects with Parsons, she heads up change initiatives that keep Parsons on the forefront of the industry. Monica also facilitates the business planning cycle, including strategy, goal-setting, and financial planning.

Monica has a B.S. in Construction Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management.

Bill Rausch, Managing Director, Bright Point Consulting Bill Rausch

With more than 20 years of financial systems experience as a professional services leader with a consistent track record of customer success, Bill Rausch is responsible for the strategic direction of Bright Point Consulting. Prior to founding Bright Point Consulting, Bill held various management and consulting positions at several enterprise software and professional services organizations, including Host Analytics, Oracle, Hyperion and IBM. Before working for enterprise software and consulting organizations, Bill held positions in financial systems groups for various multi-billion-dollar public and private organizations.

In order to stay current with Host Analytics, Bill continues to participate as a solutions architect in projects with Host Analytics' customers.

Bill received his B.A. in Computer Science and Economics from Rutgers University in New Jersey. He lives in Cary, North Carolina.

About the Speaker

Hannah Smith

Assistant Marketing Manager at CFO


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