New Methodologies Finance Leaders are Implementing to Achieve Enterprise-Wide Collaborative Planning

In planning for the future, it is not enough for senior finance executives...

In planning for the future, it is not enough for senior finance executives to look outside their own departments; they also need to look beyond their companies.

By collaborating with their colleagues to gather information outside their companies -- such as from economic statistics and social media -- senior finance executives can take the lead in developing plans that account for internal and external factors that will likely have a significant impact on their overall enterprises.

Join Kimberly Gerard, Senior Director of Financial Planning and Analysis with Cerner, and Colby Moosman, Vice President of Finance and Operations with Tidemark, to learn:

  • How establishing a collaborative and comprehensive approach to planning enables an organization to identify opportunities and risks it might otherwise miss;

  • How senior finance executives can seek guidance from a variety of departments within their organizations to inform their planning processes; and

  • How senior finance executives can lead their organizations in planning for the future.

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