Mobility and Social Collaboration in the Finance Function

Join this Webcast to hear a discussion of real-world examples

In recent years, when discussing the future of finance, “mobile” and “social” have been buzzwords for how technology will transform the finance function. Although these tools had significant advantages for collaboration and efficiency, many finance chiefs held off on investment due to IT, compliance, and real-world application concerns.

But now mobile computing and social collaboration tools have shifted from the future to the present—these tools are now reaching maturity and being used across finance functions to connect to core processes, share data and analysis, and support new functionalities. To enable their companies to keep up with the competition, finance teams must understand and embrace all that these tools offer.

Please join this Webcast to hear a discussion of real-world examples of how:

  • Finance and IT teams are collaborating to deliver critical financial information and functionalities to end users via their mobile devices;
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are introducing new issues, including those that impact budgeting and security;
  • Social collaboration tools are being used within finance and within companies to break down functional silos and barriers while increasing efficiency; 
  • Finance has overcome compliance and technical hurdles to reap the benefits that mobile and social technology have to offer.

About the Speaker

Joe Fleischer

Webcast Producer with CFO Publishing


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