Managing an Innovation Portfolio

What is the Best Way to Manage Incremental, Rapid and Disruptive Innovations?

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For many, radical innovation is seen as real innovation, whereas incremental innovation is more of a 'must do' for maintaining the existing business. To a certain extent this judgment is true. However, for a healthy innovation portfolio, a balance between both types of innovation is essential. 

The 'Managing a Portfolio of Innovations' webinar at 12:00 EST on May 29th will give an overview into the complete process for managing an innovation portfolio: from ideation to prioritization to selection, and onto to allocation and adaptation.

This discussion will look further into this relationship:

  • To what extent should a company pursue 'disruptive' innovation?
  • How much time should be dedicated to each area of the innovation portfolio?
  • How sustainable is a model based solely on incremental innovation?

About the Speaker

Jonathan Allen

VP, Professional Services


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