Innovative Digital Customer Analytics Powering Digital Transformation in Retail Banking

Transforming Retail Banking By Understanding Your Customers In Unprecedented Detail

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The retail banking world is undergoing rapid change, with innovative new entrants and increasingly fickle consumers forcing organizations to think far beyond traditional approaches.  To keep pace, banks must learn to truly understand their customers, their wants and frustrations, in order to not just keep them, but also increase the lifetime value of each one.  Hear how new insight powered by digital customer analytics techniques is enabling banks to transform their levels of customer experience and engagement and stay ahead of their competition no matter how far along their data science journey they already are.

Presentation #1 Lee Paries Vice President Americas Big Data & Analytics Practice, Teradata

New competitors, proliferating digital channels and increasingly fickle consumers are all putting pressure on retail banks to transform the way they do business with their customers. Hear why banks now need to use innovative digital analytical techniques to drive success and get advice on how to get started, or step-up the pace, on your analytics journey.

Presentation #2 Yasmeen Ahmad Head of Advanced Analytics – UK&I, Teradata

Customers visiting a retail banking website leave a trail of interactions that can be mined to determine the intent of the customer, generate leads, optimize processes and measure the customer experience. Hear examples of the analytical techniques Yasmeen has used to help retail banks understand their customers in unprecedented detail and the results driven through this innovative use of data science.

About the Speakers

Lee Paries

Vice President Americas Big Data & Analytics Practice

Yasmeen Ahmad

Principal Data Scientist

About the Sponsor

Teradata helps companies get more value from data than any other company. Our big data analytic solutions, integrated marketing applications, and team of experts can help your company gain a sustainable competitive advantage with data.  Teradata helps organizations leverage all their data so they can  know more about their customers and business and do more of what’s really important. Visit

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