How Your Finance Team Can Lead Your Organization on the Path to Performance Improvement

how enterprise performance management, or EPM, continues to evolve.

Many organizations depend on individual departments, and on software tools that are specific to these departments, to report on key information such as sales and revenue.  When organizations focus on operational metrics in isolation from financial metrics, they're at risk of more than disseminating incomplete information within their financial reports.  They're also at risk of relying on incomplete, conflicting and inaccurate information as they make decisions that impact their future.

During this Webcast, Surya Mukherjee, senior analyst with the research firm Ovum, will share his latest observations about how enterprise performance management, or EPM, continues to evolve.  You will also learn: 

  • Which aspects of EPM, such as budgeting, reporting and forecasting, are of particular importance to your finance team;
  • Why EPM represents a paradigm that extends beyond finance to encompass how organizations make decisions and plan for the future; and
  • How your finance team can take the lead in implementing EPM not only in the context of automating budgeting and reporting, but also in enabling all areas of your organization to contribute to a culture of performance improvement.

About the Speaker

Joe Fleischer

Webcast Producer with CFO Publishing


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