Getting the Most out of Equipment Financing

It’s a given that businesses rely on equipment to function...

It’s a given that businesses rely on equipment to function. Whether you’re a mid-sized company that utilizes laptops or copiers in your office, sales and service vehicles or tractor-trailers for your fleet, forklifts in your warehouse, a crane for your construction site or business-critical manufacturing equipment, having the right financing in place is as critical as choosing the right equipment. The right equipment leasing arrangement offers a variety of benefits: it can help you to preserve cash or credit lines, manage operational and financial risk, gain strategic flexibility for your company and stay current with changing equipment technologies.

Of course, the key to a successful financing transaction is matching product and feature options to your own company’s needs. During this Webcast, CFO Research will present important insights from interviews it conducted with finance officers at mid-sized companies in a range of industries. In addition, GE Capital’s subject matter experts will provide an introduction to best practices in equipment leasing and financing.

Drawing on real-life examples of the factors finance executives consider when making leasing decisions, our panelists will discuss the questions directly relevant to the finance officer of a mid-sized company who is considering ways to finance the company’s equipment needs. The topics we cover will include:

  • What equipment can you lease?

  • What kind of lease will be right for your company?

  • How can you decide on which leasing products and features to use?

  • How does TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) factor into equipment-financing decisions?

  • How should your company’s financial strategies influence lease-vs.-own decisions?

About the Speaker

Christiana Parisien

Webcast Producer Intern at CFO


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