Future of the Cloud: Shifting from Cost to Security

The cloud is no longer just a money-saving mechanism.

Despite the attraction of promised lower IT costs, concerns about privacy and information security, as well as concerns about access, control, auditing and compliance, continue to exert a strong influence on companies' decisions to run applications in the cloud. Recent information security issues with Microsoft, Target, and the NSA, along with well-publicized outages at public cloud providers' sites, have caused many CFOs to start scrutinizing risks of relying on the cloud and weighing these risks against costs. The cloud is no longer just a money-saving mechanism.

As more CFOs oversee technology efforts, the security and reliability of the cloud have brought into focus key questions about how enterprise applications are delivered -- both today and in the future. With so many cloud solutions commercially available, CFOs are challenged with identifying which ones are good fits for their organizations, and knowing which criteria to use in their evaluations, once the top players have been identified.

During this Webcast, we will:

  • Describe the differences among public, private, and hybrid cloud environments;
  • Address the balance between cost and risk for cloud solutions; and
  • Explain key evaluation criteria for CFOs looking to implement cloud offerings.

About the Speaker

Christiana Parisien

Webcast Producer Intern at CFO


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