Forecasting in the Now: Achieving Sustained Growth and Profitability with Leading-Edge Systems, Processes, and Practices

his Webcast will explore how leading-edge technologies, especially big data and predictive analytics

In a business environment in which volatility is the norm—not the exception—the many dimensions of effective forecasting are of critical interest to many finance organizations. Among their goals: To increase the accuracy and reliability of business forecasts; to extend the time horizon for reliable forecasting; to expand the scope of forecasts beyond revenue to include cost drivers and, ultimately, profitability; to increase the flexibility of forecasts to accommodate ad-hoc queries by business line, geography, product line, and other business dimensions; and to ensure that high-quality forecasts translate to action and form a sound basis for business decision making and resource allocation.

Achieving these goals is a multi-prong effort that takes into account the systems, processes, and people that support forecasting. This Webcast will explore how leading-edge technologies, especially big data and predictive analytics, can: 

  • Help companies make better use of available information about their business to improve forecasting;
  • Bring together finance, sales, and operations to support more effective, credible, and actionable forecasting;
  • Improve the efficiency of forecasting processes; and, ultimately,
  • Transform forecasting from a time-consuming exercise in negotiation to a bedrock of more effective business decision making, based on sound, expansive, well-sourced information and intelligent analysis.

About the Speaker

Christiana Parisien

Webcast Producer Intern at CFO


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