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Implementing Open Innovation: Road Warrior or Road Kill; it’s your choice

Open Innovation is transforming the nature of technology development. To compete effectively in today’s business environment, firms are using strategic alliances to link their resources with the complementary resources of other world-class organizations. They are replacing the "not invented here" syndrome with the "invented anywhere approach". Unfortunately, many alliances fail. Managers must deal with the complexities of allocating rights to jointly developed intellectual assets, protecting proprietary know-how and trade secrets, linking decision-making structures and utilizing financial models that allow both firms to share the risks as well as rewards of collaboration. Dr. Slowinski’s 25 years of work on over 250 technology-based alliances led him to identify key best practices. He will present a set of simple, but powerful management tools and management techniques. Firms such as Unilever, Kraft, Mead Johnson, Merck, GSK, Roche, John Deere and Eli Lilly use these tools to increase the value their Open Innovation initiatives.

What you will learn:

  • Implementing “Open Innovation” using the “Want, Find, Get, Manage” Model.
  • Reinventing supplier innovation relationships
  • Growth outside the core
  • About the Speaker

    Gene Slowinski, Ph.D.

    Director, Open Innovation Research

    Rutgers University, Graduate School of Management

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    Gene Slowinski is the Director of Strategic Alliance and Open Innovation Research at the Graduate School of Management, Rutgers University and Managing Partner of the Alliance Management Group, a consulting firm devoted to the formation and management of strategic alliances. His clients include Unilever, John Deere, Hershey’s, P&G, GSK, Kraft, Battelle, Energizer, PepsiCo, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sherwin Williams and many other firms. Prior to forming the Alliance Management Group, he held management positions at AT&T Bell Laboratories, and Novartis Corporation. In addition to a Ph.D. in Management, Gene holds an MBA, and a Masters Degree in the sciences. For the last 25 years Dr. Slowinski has consulted and conducted research on the formation and management of strategic alliances, joint development agreements and marketing alliances. An author and lecturer, Gene has presented his work to The Conference Board, The Licensing Executives Society, The Industrial Research Institute, and The American Electronics Association. His articles on managing strategic alliances can be found in Business Horizons, Research*Technology Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Economic Development Quarterly, Les Nouvelles, Cooperative Strategies in International Business, The Journal of Advanced Management, and Managing the High Technology Firm. With Matt Sagal, he co-authored the book The Strongest Link. His new book, Reinventing Corporate Growth is the leading book on growing the corporation through Open Innovation.
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