CFOs and CIOs Discuss Top Needs for Moving to an OpEx Financial Technology Model

Join us for this Webcast to learn how to strategically evaluate IT investments for finance

With so many options available to them, CFOs today are expecting more value than ever from their IT investments. One option that is of increasing interest to senior finance executives is implementing cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), which lets companies treat technology investments as operating rather than as capital expenditures.

From a tactical perspective, a SaaS implementation frees companies from having to maintain software, and offers the added bonus of enabling companies to accommodate changes on demand. An OpEx approach also allows companies greater flexibility—something businesses need when navigating uncertain times. Your company likely doesn’t need to run all its applications at full capacity all the time; hence the appeal of a “pay-as-you-go” OpEx model.

Once you decide that an OpEx model is right for your company, it can be tough to build the business case, especially if your company is more accustomed to treating technology investments as capital rather than as operating expenditures. One way to get a better sense of the potential ROI and fit for your company is to work closely with your CIO to evaluate IT-investment opportunities so that these investments are strategic rather than focused solely on keeping the lights on.

Join us for this Webcast to learn how to strategically evaluate IT investments for finance, as well as how to get buy-in for IT investments that reflect an OpEx model. We will explore:

  • The advances in technology that are enabling CFOs to allocate resources more efficiently;
  • The opportunities for flexibility and reduced risk that an OpEx approach can provide for your organization as it grows and evolves;
  • How to determine if an OpEx model is the right choice for your organization;
  • Strategies other CFOs have used to successfully implement an OpEx IT approach;
  • How to build the business case for IT investments that reflect an OpEx model; and
  • The CFO's role in evaluating IT investments—and how to partner with your CIO to make strategic decisions for finance and IT.

Chris Schmidt

About the Moderator

Chris Schmidt, Director of Research and Custom Content,
CFO Publishing

Chris Schmidt is director of research and custom content for CFO Publishing, overseeing the development of custom-content Webcasts and other tailored outreach to senior finance executives. Chris also works with CFO Research to conduct research studies on a variety of finance topics, including banking and performance management.

Before joining CFO Publishing, Chris served as director of corporate communications for Oliver Wyman, a global strategy consultancy. There he oversaw the firm's suite of client-facing and internal communications programs; his responsibilities included PR, media relations, and alumni relations. He earned a bachelor's degree in English from Colby College.

About the Speaker

Joe Fleischer

Webcast Producer with CFO Publishing


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