Big Data, Analytics and Robotics for Airlines

Patrik Forsstrom is an airline expert with more than 16 years in the airline industry. He has worked within the industry in several different roles in both IT and Finance. He was a Shared Services Director at Finnair establishing a new captive Multifunction Shared Service Centre nearshore to Finland, producing a broad range of services for the Finnair group.

He has also worked extensively in airline Business Intelligence, Enterprise Data Warehousing and Analytics and has been leading both the Cathay Pacific’s and Finnair’s Business Intelligence Competency Centres. In addition he has run several strategic restructuring projects within the airline industry across the different business functions.

Hi is very passionate about the potential benefits of both Internet of Things and Big Data for the airline industry. He thinks there are major opportunities for airlines and the travel industry with both Big Data and IoT, e.g. for preventive maintenance in airline engineering and personalization for our customers in sales and marketing.

In this Webinar Patrik is going to walk you through Enterprise Data Warehousing, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Analytics for the airlines. With examples on new opportunities in Fuel Optimization, Preventive Maintenance and Asset Performance etc.

About the Speaker

Patrik Forsstrom

Head of Business Intelligence

Cathay Pacific

Responsible for Cathay Pacific’s Business Intelligence capabilities and managing strategic and tactical operations of the BI team. Driving the Cathay BI vision and strategy

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