Best Practices in Forecasting: Leveraging External Data to Create a Fact-Based Financial Forecast

From this Webcast, you will find out how companies across all industries are improving their financial performance

During this Webcast, you will learn how companies are going beyond their four walls to leverage external data in their forecasting processes. In so doing, companies achieve major improvements in forecast accuracy. Not only do companies improve the accuracy of their forecasts; they also reduce the amount of time and effort required for the overall forecasting and planning process.

Driver-based forecasting in particular is a well-known best practice. Technology is now available to enable businesses to identify leading external drivers in minutes for all major products and markets. Empowered with Big Data and predictive analytics, financial planning and analysis teams can quickly improve bottom line results without the need for major IT system overhauls, and, in most cases, with little or no IT involvement. Given the wealth of information and technology available today, it is essential that companies identify and leverage external drivers, especially if they aim to outperform competitors and improve shareholders' return on equity.

From this Webcast, you will find out how companies across all industries are improving their financial performance, reducing costs and streamlining their overall forecasting processes. We will highlight a case study of a leading company that achieved significant gains from leveraging external data. In addition, finance expert Steve Player will weigh in on best practices in forecasting, and the importance and value of a driver-based forecasting process.

Those who register for and attend this Webcast will have the opportunity to be automatically entered into a random drawing; the winner will receive an iPad Air, courtesy of the Webcast's sponsor, Prevedere.

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About the Speakers

Rich Wagner, Founder and CEO of Prevedere, Inc.

Rich Wagner, founder and CEO of Prevedere, Inc., brings 15 years of leadership experience with Big Four consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies. His experience as a director of executive reporting with a Fortune 500 company led him to develop Prevedere's software.

Early in his career, Rich was recruited to implement leading ERP and bolt-on software applications for a global manufacturing organization. During his career he worked directly with C-level executives on major corporate initiatives, including preparing due diligence on dozens of multi-billion-dollar mergers, acquisitions and corporate projects.

Rich has built and led highly successful global delivery and support teams, and he has experience in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, consumer goods and retail. Rich holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The Ohio State University and a MBA from Franklin University..

Steve Player, Program Director, Beyond Budgeting Round Table

Steve Player is the North America program director for the Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT), where he works with BBRT member companies to implement continuous planning processes.

Player has more than 30 years of experience with improving performance management and implementing strategic planning processes. He is also the managing director of Beyond EPS Advisors, a business consulting firm, and founder of ABM SMART.

Steve is the co-author of the books Future Ready: How to Master Business Forecasting and Beyond Performance Management, as well as five other books.

About the Speaker

Joe Fleischer

Webcast Producer with CFO Publishing


Joe Fleischer's LinkedIn page offers daily stories geared specifically for finance executives. Coverage includes original reporting on new accounting standards, recent capital-raisings, risk management, and professional career development. The site also features proprietary benchmarking tools and calculators, plus a full set of related directories, special reports, and buyer’s guides. In addition, provides complete online editions of CFO magazine.

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