Architecting a Digital-First Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

Making digital the conerstone of your customer experience plan is critical, but operational it can be daunting. Join guest speaker, Forrester Research CX expert Margaret Rodriguez, as she shares results from the latest Forrester CX index and advice on how to drive improvements using customer communications technology.

This one-hour webinar will draw from Forrester’s Research to help you understand why CX leaders grow revenue faster than CX laggards, share practical advice on how to drive improvements, and discuss best practices to prioritize investments that will continuously improve your customers’ experiences.

About the Speakers

Margaret Rodrigeuz


Forrester Research

Margaret  Rodrigeuz's Twitter page

As a data analyst on Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) team, Margaret focuses on sharing insights regarding the key drivers of customer experience (CX). Her research centers on using Forrester's CX Index to bring insights on customer experience quality and loyalty to life. Margaret works with Forrester clients spanning 18 industry verticals to diagnose CX performance gaps specific to their industries and their businesses. Her research deals primarily with helping clients transform CX insights into actionable recommendations, and she helps clients select the CX investments that contribute the most to topline performance and best serve their customers.

Avi Greenfield

Senior Manager of Product Strategy


Avi Greenfield, EDP has 20 years of experience in using technology solutions to build business value, with a main focus on customer communications and content management strategy. As Senior Manager of Product Strategy for OpenText Exstream, he is responsible for understanding the needs of customers for managing business-critical communications in complex and demanding environments, and driving the direction of the Exstream portfolio to meet those needs.
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