Applying Advanced Analytics to Planning and Forecasting

This Webcast will help you: see how leading companies are using analytics to unlock business value

In today's volatile marketplace, where unexpected events are part of the normal course of business, top performers must transform their planning and forecasting to help steer business performance more effectively. By utilizing advanced analytics, top performers can identify trends and relationships between metrics, understand the impact of drivers on projected outcomes and adjust actions for better business outcomes.

Attend this Webcast to learn how advanced analytics can help you deliver more timely and reliable plans and forecasts. You'll hear from Steve Player, co-author of the bookFuture Ready: How to Master Business Forecasting, as he re-examines popular management tools and practices and recasts them for a new management age.

This Webcast will help you: see how leading companies are using analytics to unlock business value; leverage analytics technology to transform planning and forecasting; and get started on the path to value.

We invite you to register now to see how finance organizations accelerate performance with new tools and disciplines to integrate hindsight with foresight for better decision making.

About the Speaker

Christiana Parisien

Webcast Producer Intern at CFO


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