2017 Webinar: Delivering The Continuous Connected Customer Journey

Win, serve, and retain your customers; creating a seamless digital experience


In today’s evolving landscape, it’s become increasingly imperative to find ways to deliver new sources of customer value, and cater to today’s modern consumer at every touchpoint in today’s buyer’s journey. The Innovation Enterprise, in partnership with OpenText, is bringing together leaders in the digital and innovation space for our 2017 Webinar: Delivering the Continuous Connected Customer Journey.

Join us for this virtual event to learn:

  • Developing a personalized, seamless digital experience at every physical & digital touch point 
  • Maximizing the customer lifetime value, and addressing better engagement, insights, and innovation
  • Improving digital operations and control associated with managing information across the organization 

About the Speakers

Simon Belousoff

Digital Executive


Simon  Belousoff 's Twitter page

Simon is a digital executive with 15+ years experience in leadership roles in the digital product, digital strategy, data and innovation space. Latterly his roles have been ones driving business transformation, particularly through the building of great teams of people, operating in agile ways of working at high performance, and creating amazing customer experiences. His current role sees him as the business lead for a Big Data Platform implementation that enables the delivery of personalised customer experiences at enterprise scale.

Alan Porter

Senior Solutions Marketing Manager for CEM


Alan Porter's Twitter page

Alan J. Porter is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for the OpenText Customer Experience Suite. He is a regular writer and industry speaker on various aspects of Customer Experience and Content Strategy.
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