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Forecast Pro


Starting at less than $5,000, Forecast Pro is the perfect business forecasting solution for your demand planning and S&OP needs. The market-leading software is trusted by more than 35,000 users worldwide and provides a solid foundation on which to build a world-class forecasting process to support your organization’s S&OP process. Forecast Pro is packed with a full spectrum of easy-to-use data visualization, analysis and reporting tools. You can: select the best forecasting models automatically; add your judgment to tweak the statistically-generated forecasts; convert your forecasts to any units of measure; rearrange hierarchies on-the-fly; focus on items that need attention using ABC categorization, exception reports, and filters; customize reports for your S&OP process, compare forecasts vs. actuals; consolidate your team’s forecasts; integrate with your existing software systems; and much more. Stop by our booth to see how Forecast Pro TRAC’s power and flexibility will help you to get the job done!


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