Prevedere provides intuitive web based software for key Business Decision Makers. Prevedere goes beyond Business Intelligence by providing easy to use tools to identify, analyze report and alert on global economic indicators relevant to your business. By specializing on global economic indicator analysis Prevedere can help your organization quickly identify the global economic changes that affect your bottom line results. Take advantage of the increasing amount of global economic data available by leveraging Prevedere’s forecasting capability to help you identify, plan, and validate strategic global growth opportunities. For more information please contact Prevedere at: inquiries@prevederesoftware.com Prevedere LLC 1375 Fisher Run CT Columbus, OH 43235 Telephone: Toll Free (888) 686-7746 E-mail: inquiries@prevederesoftware.com

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Taking the Pulse of Customer Demand

In this Whitepaper, we will explore the ways in which customer demand affects business strategies and why external macroeconomic data is vital to an accurate read.

Best Practices in Forecasting: Leveraging External Data to Create a Fact-Based Financial Forecast

From this Webcast, you will find out how companies across all industries are improving their financial performance

Joe Fleischer