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The Democratization of Football is here!!!

mycujoo.tv is a football multi channel TV network that enables small and middle-tier federations, leagues and clubs all over the world to produce and distribute live and on-demand content. The platform offer the right holders the possibility to access a series of advanced tools for the creation of a free customizable thematic TV channel. In doing so, mycujoo acts as a powerful empowering force that acts against the fragmentation and inequality that today afflicts the football-broadcasting universe.

By creating their own channels, small teams can gain the visibility they deserve while engaging more effectively with their fan base and generating new business and monetization opportunities. In fact, viewers can create their own profiles on the website and enjoy matches for free while clubs, leagues and federation can count on in-video pre-roll ads and personalize their channels with the logos of their sponsors.

mycujoo is the official live streaming platform of:

+ 3F Liga, Denmark’s highest-level women’s football league: https://mycujoo.tv/leagues/3f-liga

+ Swiss. 1 Liga Promotion League: https://mycujoo.tv/leagues/erste-liga

Watch and stream football matches for free, create your own TV channel, own your content rights: football is you! 


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