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The Executive Cat Herder was founded by people who had one thing in common. We had success in our careers, came from public & private sectors, and worked collaboratively on consulting projects in our spare time. We realized the fuel that was keeping us going was being in energetic environments where people wanted to succeed and grow. We also realized that EADD (Executive Attention Deficit Disorder)- can affect a company's ability company to shift and narrow focus on a master goal. Our clients come to us for one thing and one thing only- to implement and partner with them to make impactful changes in their organizations.

We specialize in Operations Oversight & Immediate growth needs for startup organizations. Our services include Business Performance Management, Social Strategy, Brand Awareness, Productivity Effectiveness, Board & Executive Alignment, SWOT Analysis, Organizational leadership, & Change Management.

Our team utilizes a candid approach to solve business problems. We are centered on understanding People, Process, & Technology. Our business relationships are cultivated an co-created with companies that have the same ideals and way of doing business.Our involvement in the business operations at the companies we serve contributes to a reduction in internal expenses and increased efficiency.

As the Principal Cat Herder I work to make sure that the companies we assist stay on track, stay focused, and be consistent. I have had a great amount of success at the companies I choose to work with- because my strategic planning cultivates this ideal environment. The solutions and offerings my team provides create a scalable framework to build a successful organization. We are also contributing members to several Technology & Strategy publications giving a multi faceted approach to business planning & execution. We also hold monthly mixers geared toward local executives in the community to build relationships and rapport.


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