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cereno have created a revolutionary collaboration medium which allows for highly complex working to happen globally for the first time.

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Today’s marketplace calls for smarter virtual collaboration in order to deliver projects and achieve faster game-changing innovation. This is why cereno have developed the world’s most sophisticated interface for collaborative communication - nuVa.

With 3.5 billion people connected to the Internet, the implications for collaborative innovation are near infinite. nuVa is the next generation of remote collaboration; it is designed to emulate a real meeting environment with a large workspace showing digital papers on a table.

Users can now simultaneously share multiple documents, applications and collaborate in the most natural way possible enabling usual human behaviours such as eye gaze, gesturing and body language whilst collaborating and ideating around the artefacts.

nuVa allows a strategic approach to knowledge workers who can be accessed and applied on a global basis, minimising cost and advancing instant global decision making without travel. In this way nuVa has the potential to create the smart organisation allowing optimum knowledge flow for the distributed organisation.


  • Chief digital officer
  • Big data
  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Digital
  • Internet of things


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