If your company is drowning in data we can help.

Arria NLG’s software solutions explain complex data sets in articulate language. Our core product, the Arria NLG Engine, combines cutting-edge techniques in data analytics, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics. It analyses large and diverse data sets and automatically writes tailored, actionable reports on what's happening within that data, with no human intervention, at vast scale and speed.

Because the software embodies the expertise of your own subject matter experts, it does all the hard work of deriving meaning from data. This frees your experts to make higher quality and faster decisions, significantly improving operations, lowering risk and ultimately increasing profits. The technology is based on decades of R&D by our lead scientists who have been at the forefront of scientific research in the field of NLG since the 1980s.

Arria’s scalable, adaptable and mature technology is already well-respected in the fields of energy, finance, health and the environment. Unlock the story your data wants to tell by talking to the company whose scientists literally wrote the book on NLG.


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