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Legacy Innovation GroupGrand Rapids, MI


Legacy Innovation Group is an award–winning Growth and Innovation consulting firm.

We help companies tackle big wicked growth challenges.

And become relentless innovators.

We have a passion for helping committed business leaders blaze a path to market leadership, and a unique blend of methods for getting there.

By connecting businesses with their markets' trajectories and defining clear strategies for relevance and growth, we empower them to deliver compelling brand promises and engaging customer experiences that create new foundations of value.

And we help them unleash their organizations to deliver on this journey of relevance, leadership, and growth.

Our work takes place in three practice areas:

First, we help companies explore the opportunity space around them to figure out "what's next". This is our discovery practice.

Second, we help them put together everything they need to capitalize on those opportunities with new innovations. This is our design practice.

Third, we help companies rethink their strategies, cultures, processes, and workplaces to become relentless innovators who leverage innovation to drive growth and remain ever relevant to the marketplace. This is our management practice.

These three practices reflect the three foundations of effective business innovation — empathy, creativity, and delivery.

We get hands–on and do a lot of heavy lifting for our clients.  We do whatever it takes to make our clients commercially and technically successful in their journeys of growth and innovation.  We love to watch them grow, succeed, and win!


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