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Working At The Boundaries Of Aesthetics And Inference

Data visualization is increasingly consumed on readily-accessible web devices through highly responsive and interactive interfaces. This is a huge boon for consumers of such data but much of the current energy around visualization is centered on new tools and methods for creating more engaging presentations, with little focus on aiding decision making. In this talk I’ll cover how data visualization is used at Activision and offer a set of guiding principles we strive to follow in the pursuit of combining intuitive, engaging data visualization with statistical information needed for sound reasoning.

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Josh Hemann
Director, Analytic Services
Josh Hemann is the Director of Analytic Services at Activision, where his team builds tools to support video game studios and embed analytics within the games they create.  His industry experience spans diverse settings such as air pollution research, aerospace, retail loyalty programs, recommendation systems for grocers, and video games.   Josh has an MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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