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Wiring Data Circuits To Power 21st-Century Life Science R&D

Data associated with life science R & D is now largely collected in or converted to electronic form, and healthcare delivery data is well on its way to becoming fully computerized as well. Extracting synergistic value from these increasingly large and diverse electronic resources has become a major challenge. The work requires a sophisticated mix of people, policies, systems and methods, and a willingness to transcend outdated organizational models.

The presentation will address: -Bridging life science and real-world healthcare data -Leveraging clinical data for exploratory research -The profile of a data-driven life science R & D team

Peter Covitz
Senior Director - Information Strategy & Analytics

Peter Covitz is an innovation leader in biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biomedical informatics.  He is currently Senior Director, Information Strategy & Analytics at Pfizer, where he oversees informatics strategy for complex data projects, and runs an operational clinical data services group.  Previously Peter served as Senior Vice President, Innovation at Nordion, where he led discovery and clinical programs in oncology, cardiology and nuclear medicine. Peter did his graduate training in microbiology and genetics at Columbia University, and post-doctoral work in genomics and bioinformatics at Stanford University.

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