When the Wise Man Points at Digital the Fool Sees Adwords

Being a marketer today can sometimes be overwhelming: how to cope with an ever accelerating growth of techniques, and jargon. This is creating a growing gulf in the organizations between digital technicians who are digging deeper and deeper, and the C-suite and business targets. Often, the mathematical culture to operate the tools is actually not there (live examples).

- Taking a step back: what is the nature of digital, and what is the nature of marketing

- Digital enables organisations to have a direct communication (in both directions) with the customers. It is still about having a simple and compelling story, and excelling in the delivery and customer engagement.

- Key tools and practices to thrive in marketing and in digital

Pascal moyon
Pascal Moyon
Chief Digital Officer

An inspiring an impactful C-level executive, leveraging world-class analytics and numerical skills, Pascal has a rare breed of engineering background and commercial acumen and practice. Expert in digital, marketing and analytics as well as a seasoned business leader, he has an unrivalled track record in digital transformation with companies such as Thomas Cook, Hertz and, and is one of the rare bridges between C-suite, data scientists and digital marketers.

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