What's Your Innovation ID? Making Innovation Work in the Company You Have Today

For successful innovation you need more than ideas. You need them to be realized. By mapping your “Innovation Identity” you can uncover what drives your organization and enable your innovation teams to craft processes and outcomes that the company can embrace and make real. Even without remaking your organization’s culture, you'll can learn to move ideas from concept to commerce by working within the bounds of the company you are part of today.

Dan ostrower
Dan Ostrower

As the CEO of Altitude, Dan brings first-hand innovation experience and deep business acumen to the role. His holistic view of innovation is informed by his diversity of experience. As a consultant, he has helped transform Fortune 500 companies, and as an entrepreneur, he has brought groundbreaking new technologies to market. Dan has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard, as well as an MBA and Masters in Engineering from Stanford.

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