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What’s a Guy Like Me Doing in a Place Like This?

Why is a Chief Marketing Officer talking at a Chief Technology Officer conference? Well, at Zipcar, we like to say that we’re a technology company that just happens to own 10,000 cars. That is to say, we use technology to enable and continually deliver on our brand promise of “wheels when you want them” and a member experience that is magical, practical and reliable.  This presentation will look at how Zipcar has tapped both off-the-shelf and proprietary software and systems to create a fully automated car sharing service that allows members to reserve and drive any of a fleet of 10,000+ vehicles in more than 400 cities and towns in the US, Canada and Europe, helping to make cities more sustainable and better places to live. Brian will also offer a peek into what’s next on the technology roadmap at Zipcar.

Brian harrington
Brian Harrington
Chief Marketing Officer

When Brian steps in the door, we buckle our seat belts. With the enthusiasm that propelled him through leadership roles at several consumer brands and led him to found others, he’s not one to sit in the backseat. As Zipcar’s chief marketing officer, Brian oversees all efforts in member acquisition and engagement, global partnerships, public relations, and building our global brand.

In his time before Zipcar, Brian held leadership roles at Boathouse, a brand communications agency, and I'm in!, a leisure travel website that he co-founded. He was a member of the founding executive teams of Upromise and Connection to eBay, and has held senior roles at EF Education. Earlier in his career, he worked in global marketing for Sheraton Hotels and for Hill Holliday Advertising.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston College, as well as an MBA from the University of Notre Dame (he always roots for BC).

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