What is “TV” Anyway? TV’s Transition to Digital

The TV business is going digital at an accelerating rate. How is the TV industry coping with the shift to digital? How do we drive an audience beyond timeslots? How do we distribute and package content across devices? Hardie will address the digital strategies of TV networks in an on-demand era.

Hardie tankersley
Hardie Tankersley
VP, Digital Product, Platforms,& Innovation

As the VP of Digital Platforms and Innovation Hardie finds new ways to apply technology to TV. His team develops new apps and experiences for, social media, and connected devices in support of all the primetime entertainment shows on the FOX broadcast network. He started creating online and interactive entertainment by building a local BBS on a 300 baud modem on an Apple II back in the 70s. In the intervening years he has managed the development of many online entertainment products including the first internet connections for Apple’s eWorld, the official backstage webcast of the Grammy Awards, the Moxi cable media center DVR, the online video portal for Real Networks, and Yahoo!’s TV and Movies properties. He thinks that conventional wisdom is almost always wrong.

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