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Using Social Media Analytics To Quantify Fan Engagement

The fan experience has changed with the introduction of social media. Teams observe and intermingle with customers across multiple channels giving both increased interaction. However, measuring fan engagement across channels and within lively social spheres can be difficult. Marketers often struggle quantitatively valuing a “like”, retweet, or moderating a forum. The solution to these challenges is to use analytics and text mining. The presentation reviews collecting social information and analytical frameworks for fan engagement, topic identification, and customer segmentation then attempts to measure these interactions against team related merchandise using’s Sales Rank as a proxy.

Robert Baker
Director, Center for Sport Management
Dr. Bob Baker is the Director for the Center for Sport Management and an Associate Professor at George Mason University. Dr. Baker earned his doctorate from William & Mary, and his M.S. and B.S. from Penn State. He has had extensive experience in the sport industry. His research interests include professional preparation in sport management, the dynamic relationships among sport industry stakeholders, and sport for development and peace. Bob has obtained approximately $2 million in external funding and written numerous articles. He has appeared on CNBC, ESPN radio, NPR, and has been quoted in Sports Illustrated, the Sports Business Journal, the New York Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and other national and international outlets. He received NASSM's 2010 Distinguished Sport Management Educator Award and NASPE's 2011 Outsanding Achievement in Sport Management Award.
Edward Kwartler
Director, Advanced Analytics

Ted Kwartler is a data-driven expert in analytics applied to production environments.  Ted worked in’s customer service organization, using data for coaching, new product launches, call forecasting, and workforce planning.  Additionally, he created Amazon’s Social Care Unit serving customers on Twitter, online forums, and multiple Facebook pages.  Currently, Ted works as a Director of Advanced Analytics for a Fortune 100 Insurance company.  His team of analysts provides actionable recommendations to improve efficiency, understand the voice of the customer, and forecast production demand.  Ted holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame with a citation in analytics and marketing.

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