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Using Customer Service Metrics to Predict Customer Behaviour

We've all heard of the 'ultimate number' - the Net-Promoter score. But is this simple recommendation score actually a predictor of future customer behaviour? Are promoters more valuable customers? Do detractors take their business elsewhere? At JustGiving we’ve been digging into the data to find out whether NPS does actually predict success, and how best to use your customer survey results to find out what your customers love – and how you can improve.

Elizabeth Kessick
Head of Insight

Elizabeth helped transform JustGiving from a tiny start-up in 2001 into becoming the world's largest online fundraising community. As Head of Insight she’s responsible for understanding the behaviour and needs of  JustGiving’s 13 million + users. She has a background in journalism, design and usability, and cut her teeth working for high-tech start-ups in Canada in the late 90s.

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