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Turning Social Media Into Instrumentation

Call of Duty® is one of the biggest entertainment franchises of all time. Social media channels such as Reddit and Twitter are increasingly used by players to communicate with  each other as well as Activision and its studios. In this talk I’ll cover several vignettes showing how we try to turn these channels into data we can use to inform decisions affecting Call of Duty®. Along the way I’ll cover specific techniques and software libraries as well as challenges in making this a production service.

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Josh Hemann
Director, Analytic Services
Josh Hemann is the Director of Analytic Services at Activision, where his team builds tools to support video game studios and embed analytics within the games they create.  His industry experience spans diverse settings such as air pollution research, aerospace, retail loyalty programs, recommendation systems for grocers, and video games.   Josh has an MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Josh Hemann
Director, Analytic Services

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