Transforming the Largest IT Supply Chain in the World

HP operates in approximately 170 countries in the world delivering products across a breadth of customer needs. Diverse nature of products means HP has to employ multiple strategies in all aspects of its supply chain from manufacturing to distribution. Accelerated technological innovations are continuously reducing time to market and fierce competition demands that products be delivered with high quality and exceptional customer service. The challenge is to transform this complex supply chain while maintaining business continuity and laying the foundation for longer term profitable growth.

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Milind Shingane
Director of Supply Chain Systems
Over 15 years of progressive consulting management experience. Managed all aspects of large consultancy practice. Led multiple implementaitons of various Manhattan Associates products including Warehouse Management for Open Systems, Warehouse Management for iSeries, Distributed Order Management, Supply Chain Intelligence and Total Cost to Serve. Improved various supply chain management KPIs for clients. Managed all phases of Software Development Life Cycle across various technology platforms using global resources.

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